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Welcome to Capri Records! Please take the time to check out our New Releases below, visit our 70+ Artist pages where you can listen to and Buy the more than 120 albums they’ve released as CDs or direct digital downloads.¬†Join our mailing list to receive updates about New Releases and check out our Artist Videos.

Congratulations to the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra for their Grammy nomination for their Capri release, L.A. Treasures Project in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album category(34)!

Joshua Breakstone The Cello Quartet - 88

Joshua Breakstone
The Cello Quartet - 88

The Girshevich Trio width=

The Girshevich Trio
Algorithmic Society

Mike Jones Trio width=

Mike Jones Trio

Ken Peplowski width=

Ken Peplowski

Ernie Krivda width=

Ernie Krivda
Requiem for a Jazz Lady

Scott Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton width=

Scott Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton
Live in Bern

Terell Stafford width=

Terell Stafford
BrotherLee Love

Joshua Breakstone width=

Joshua Breakstone
2nd Avenue

Charles McPherson width=

Charles McPherson
The Journey

Larry Fuller

Larry Fuller

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