Ali Ryerson – Quotes & Reviews

“… easily the most important jazz flutist to have emerged thus far this decade,” SAN FRANCISCO EXPRESS, ’96

“Ryerson’s fourth jazz album, and her first domestic recording, is an auspicious stateside introduction. A classically trained musician and daughter of jazz guitarist Art Ryerson, Ryerson demonstrates her fluency in the subtle, ineffable ways of swing, an attractively rich tone, and vigorous rhythmic articulation,” DOWNBEAT, J. Woodward

“… I don’t expect too many records this year will equal this one, never mind surpass it; it is already booked for my end of the year top 10,” JAZZ JOURNAL, D. Ansell

“… As a musician, she can be both seductive … or, inspired by Haynes’ tasteful drumming, hard swinging. If a flutist can have anything like a fat tone, with expressive breathiness, Ali, one of the best flutist in jazz, clearly has it,” JAZZ TIMES, L. Gourse

“… Ali is a brilliant flute specialist with a magnificent tone and technique … One of the most popular visitors to the Merseyside jazz scene in recent years … Jazz is dominated by men but Ali holds her own in the best company of the best musicians and is highly respected by them …,” MERSEY JAZZ NEWS, A. Graham

“… Jazz Birthday at Condon’s … In an evening filled with memorable musical vignettes, Mr. (Al) Sears shared top honors with the exceptionally jazz-oriented playing of the flutist Ali Ryerson,” THE NEW YORK TIMES, J. Wilson

“… At this point, a handsome young woman named Ali Ryerson appeared out of nowhere to blow an absolutely dazzling chorus on the flute. As soon as they got their jaws back in place, the audience agreed that the evening was off to a memorable start. (Saluting Fletcher Henderson),” OFFBEAT JAZZ CLUB, H. Walker

“… She reveals on the flute an amazing sense of the depth and fullness of its sound. Combined with a dazzling technique, this puts her very high in the hierarchy of that ungrateful instrument for jazz,” LA LIBRE BELGIQUE, G. Masy.

“… But, soon such sheer beauty as the immaculate artistry of the slender and unassuming Ali assumes control of your eyes ane ears. She is stealing the show and doesn’t even know it … mastery of the flute … so impressive is the young Ali that I would go as far to say that with proper handling and hard work Miss Ryerson could become tomorrow’s Cinderella story of show business,” THE PLAIN DEALER, Cleveland

“… Anybody can play sax or trumpet, but you’ve got to be good to play flute or nobody will listen. When Ryerson plays, people listen. Classically trained, she has flawless technique and true jazz feeling … she’s the whole show,” THE BULLETIN, Brussels

“… one of the world’s finest jazz flutists, is young and beautiful, with a musical mind that’s old a mellow and wise,” THE HERALD, Monterey CA, G. Warren

“BLUE FLUTE … Chosen as one of the CRITIC’S PICK OF THE DECADE,” JAZZIZ, Jan ’94

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