Grachan III Moncur - Exploration

Tracks: Exploration, Monk in Wonderland, Love and Hate, New Africa (Queen Tamam/New Africa/Black Call/Ethiopian Market), When, Frankenstein, Excursion, and Sonny's Back!

Personnel: Tim Hagans on trumpet, John Clark on French horn, Dave Woodley on trombone, Gary Bartz on alto sax, Billy Harper on tenor sax, Gary Smulyan on baritone sax, Ray Drummond on bass, Andrew Cyrille on drums, and Grachan Moncur III on trombone

UPC# 0-54987-40682-9

Grachan III Moncur - Exploration

Format > CD

Label > Capri

Condition: New

Date: 2004

Country: US

UPC: 0-54987-40682-9

Reference Number: 74068