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Adam / Mark Masters Schroeder - CT!

Musicians - Sal Lorenzo - Alto Saxophone, Bob Sheppard - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Kirsten Edkins - Tenor Saxophone, Adam Schroeder - Baritone Saxophone, Francisco Torres - Lead Trombone, Ido Meshulan - Trombone, Lemar Guillary - Trombone, Dan Fornero - Lead Trumpet, James Ford - Trumpet, Aaron Janik - Trumpet, Edwin Livingston - Bass, Peter Erskine - Drums

Tunes - Serenade to a Bus Seat, Ground Hog, Ode To Pres, Daylight Express, Boardwalk, Argentia, Perdido Line, Slow Boat, Swingin' On The Cusp, Michelle, Top And Bottom, Boomerang, In Orbit

UPC 054987417023

This project was funded by Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts

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Adam / Mark Masters Schroeder - CT!

Format > CD

Condition: New

Cover Condition: New
Date: 2024

Country: US

Reference Number: 74170-2